Part No. Z-2821
Refurb Lamp Safety 1A

"Miners safety lamp", style for testing for foul air and asphyxiating gases in underground structures. Lamp is paraffin burning with approx 1/6 pint capacity and approx 16 hour burn time on one filling.

1.25kg, 235mm
Part No. 0214
Indicator Gas 5

For the detection of all types of flammable gases. This is a portable lightweight instrument with a 15" long sampling hose and an aspirator bulb. The on-off switch also zeroes the meter and indicates the state of charge of the batteries. The integral meter indicates a percentage explosive reading and the scale is coloured red from 10 percent upwards. Needs - Battery R20 HP (6 off).
Part No. 2065
"Mentor" Portable Gas Tester

Lightweight portable gas tester capable of testing for toxic and flammable gas as well as oxygen depletion, includes a peak reading "hold" facility for remote investigation of hazardous areas. Audible and visual alarm, level selectable by user. Backlit LCD display gives continuous readout of all sensor readings. Minimum 12 hour use on one battery pack. Push button menu for ease of use and set up.

Leather case, Charger, and Calibrating Unit Interface Unit (downloading collected data to PC). Aspirator (for testing bottom of manhole from top).
Part No. 0811
Tripod for Signs

For holding signs from 450mm to 900mm high. Manufactured from galvanised heavy guage tubular steel. The tripod locks into the open position making it easier to move even with a sign fitted.
Roadworks Signs Plastic

Sign rolls up for ease of storage and a tab with a press stud is provided to keep it rolled up. Meets BS 873 Part 6 and NEW ROADS and STREET WORKS ACT. Available in Class 1 and Class 2 reflectivity. Also available in all regulation sizes up to 1200mm.

Road Narrows Left
Road Narrows Right
Road Narrows Both Sides
Road Works
Traffic Lights
Keep Left / Right Adjustable

Roadworks Signs Metal

Also available as metal signs with permanently attached tripod (non-roll up).

Tripod 750mm high.

Men at Work
Keep Left
Keep Right

Converter Cone Top 4 Way

Used as part of a barrier system in conjunction. Has a fitting for a lamp. Also available the bottom converter cone 4 way.

C.C Top 4 Way
C.C Bottom 4 Way

Plank Reflective

Has red and white alternate markins used as part of a barrier system in conjunction with the items listed in associated equipment. Also available as non-reflective printed and reflective shatterproof and in various lengths.

Cone 750mm (30"). Converter cone (4 way) Top. Converter cone (4 way) Bottom.

Plank Reflective 2.25 metres
Plank Reflective 2 metres

Part No. 0800
Cones Reflecting

Standard style road cone with one white reflective band. Stackable.

450mm high.
Part No. 0801
Cones Reflecting 30" (750mm)

Big Foot standard style road cone. Made of red polythene with white reflective band, which can be standard or high index as required. Stackable. Also available 1m high.

750mm high.
Part No. 0827
Clip CN14608 for Panel Barriers

Small plastic clip for connecting Panel Barriers together. To connect two Panel Barriers together requires two clips.
Part No. 0825
Panel Barrier 750mm

Made of tubular steel with reflective panels made of flexible PVC to reduce impact damage. Integral hooks allow a variety of signs to be attached directly to the panel.

Clip CN14608. Panel Barrier Stabiliser.
1m high x 750mm wide
Part No. 0807
Rotating Beacon 12v

Used as a temporary warning light for vehicles when working at the road side. Consists of a magnetic base with an amber dome producing a rotating light. Fitted with flexible lead and plug that fits into a cigar lighter on vehicles with a 12 volt electrical system.
Part No. 7005
Paper Towelling 1

For general cleaning purposes

Roll 100 sheets
Gloves IR

Intended for use when working in the vicinity of power circuits up to 650 volts. Made of rubber, wrist length and are to BS 697.

Gloves IR 9
Gloves IR 10
Gloves IR 11


Part No. 0846
Gloves Disposable

Used for handling polyester resins, epoxy resins, and resin putties.

Packet 50
Part No. 0848
Gloves Canadian Rigger

Heavy duty "rigger" style glove made of leather with an open cuff.
Eyeshield 3A

A box goggle type of eyeshield with a panoramic frame. For general use to give full eye protection to spectacle wearers.

Also available are a spectacle type eyeshield for general eye protection of non-spectacle wearers.

Spectacle wearers
5 Non-Spectacle wearers

High Visibility Garments

Waistcoats and jackets all manufactured to comply with EN471: 1994 with either fluorescent yellow or orange knitted background. All these garments should be worn fastened to fully comply with regulations.

Available in a range of sizes.

Waist Coat Class 2

Waist Coat Class 2

Short Sleeved Jacket Class 3

Long Sleeved Jacket Class 3

Long Sleeved Water Proof

One band on torso, one on each shoulder.

Two bands on torso, one on each shoulder.

Two bands on torso, one on each shoulder and two on each arm.

Two bands on torso, one on each shoulder and two on each arm.

Two bands on torso, one on each shoulder, two on each arm.





Overalls Blue

Industrial boiler suit type overalls made of cotton drill.

Other sizes and colours available, details on request.


Extra Large