Part No. 8317
Telephone DSTS 2
(Dual Standard Test Set)

A telephone test set providing a wide range of features and conforming to BS6301, 6305 and 6317. Includes tone and pulse signalling as well as last number redial, polarity checking and high impedance monitoring. Also features Time Break and Earth recall. The case is of high impact plastic and has an integral belt clip. Supplied with a built-in sounder and with a 1.5M cord terminated in a Plug 431A
Part No. 8319
Tele DSTS 5

Incorporates all the features of Telephone 286A but with extra features, such as Last number Redial (with battery backed memory), five indicator LED's and operator's handbook. 1.4Kg (minus batteries). 265mm Long x 120mm Wide x 140mm depth.

Associated Equipment
Headset 7A, 8A. Battery LR20 (D type) 6 off Cord Adapter Tele 286A
Part No. 8321
UTS-E Test Telephone

A telephone test set built to very high specification. Includes tone and pulse signalling as well as last number redial, polarity checking and high impedance monitoring (>300k Ohms). Also features Time Break and Earth recall, 10 number memory (24 digit), a belt clip and microphone mute. The case is of high impact plastic and has an integral belt clip. Supplied with a built in sounder and battery. The phone is shaped and has a wrap round rubber grip to make it easier to hold. The phone is waterproof, sealed to IP64, will float in deep water and has been drop tested from 6 metres onto concrete. Other features include the cord plugging into a compartment sealed from the rest of the phone, a large widely spaced keypad and very high chemical resistance.
Part No. Z-5507
16T Combined Analogue/Digital
Insulation and Continuity Tester

Has selectable insulation test voltages of 50V, 100V, 250V, 500V. The instrument has a range up to 999M Ohms on the digital scale and 10M Ohms on the analogue scale. The user can select the operating method to be either latching or non-latching. The continuity range auto-ranges between 9.99 Ohms and 99.9 Ohms with an audible buzzer for measurements below 10 Ohms for rapid testing. Has back light display for working in dim light conditions.
The instrument is housed in a high impact flame retardent case with a scratch resistant polycarbonate window. Also has auto-off after 5 minutes.
Part No. Z-0488
E2020 Resistance Fault Locator

The E2020 measures: fault location, strap continuity, line length, distance to fault and strap to fault.
No calculations or bridge nulls to perform and user definable guage where Ohms/Meter are entered. Fault distances indicated digitally within seconds. Locates faults over a loop resistance not exceeding 2000 Ohms for copper and aluminium conductors ranging from 0.32mm to 1.27mm.
Part No. Z-5508
E2550 Hand Held Cable Fault Locator

A battery powered solid state time domain reflectometer which can accurately locate faults on cables up to 3Km.
Fully variable VF, 0.01 to 0.99 in steps of 0.1. Switchable Output Impedance 25, 50, 75, and 100 Ohms.
Part No. Z-8200
Tester SA9083

Specifically designed for fault diagnosis and testing of telephone communication lines and the copper access network. Has general purpose current and voltage ranges for telecoms tests.
Can check for the following:
  • AC Voltage measurement (to 250V)
  • DC Voltage Measurement 250/50/5V
  • Insulation resistance
  • Telephone Line Loop Resistance/ Short circuits
  • Telephone Exchange Battery and Earth checks
  • Ballistic checks
  • Line disconnection
Part No. 8408
Ohmeter 18C

Used for cable fault location. Can be used to measure loop resistance with an oscillator 87 in the loop.
Insulation Resistance 0-1000M ohm at 500V DC, 0-200M ohm at 95V DC.
Contact Faults up to 9999 ohm.
Disconnection faults as a percentage of reference circuits.


1x Cord Test 1/5000A Black, 1x Cord Test 1/5000A Red, 1x Cord Test 1/5000A Green, 2x Spike Testing 10A, 3x Clip Test 38A, 2x Adapter. 25A, 3 x Clip Test 41A

E1610 Hand Held Earth Tester

Small hand held digital earth tester designed to measure earth resistance, earth continuity and can be used to determine soil resistivity. Potential lead resistance, current lead resistance and noise checks. Earth testing at 20, 200 and 2000 ohms. Indespensible when testing large earthing systems where very low resistance is required.

Kit includes:

3 pairs of spikes
50 metres of cable
30 metres of cable
2x10 metres of cable

Earth Field Test Kit

Part No. 8206
E2710 - TDR Cable Fault Locator

Portable battery powered, solid state time domain reflectometer which accurately detects cable faults and provides visual indication of any such faults. No calibration or servicing required and simple to operate.
4km measuring range, with 1m maximum resolution. Unique user selectable display options.
  • Range - 4096m
  • Accuracy - +-1% of reading, +-1m
  • Gain - Adjusts in 0.54dB steps of 6dB
  • Op temperature - —5C-+40C
  • Storage - —10C-+60C
  • Power C size batteries (6 of)
20 hours of continuous use, auto power-off 5 minutes after last key press, battery low indication when approx 2 hours operating time left.
  • Weight - 1.40kg (inc batteries)
  • Height - 300mm
  • Width - 180mm
  • Depth - 73mm
Part No. Z-5512
E2570 Combined Bridge / TDR

The E2570 is a unique cable test instrument comprising not only of a TDR to quickly locate opens, shorts, poor joints, and many other typical faults, but also a resistive bridge enabling the instrument to locate high resistance insulation faults including earth and battery contacts.
Multi-guage selection. Up to 99 sections from selectable guages. No calculations or bridge nulls to perform.
Part No. 8315
Mega Mouse

Used in conjunction with C.A.T. this is a self contained transmitter which can be rodded or jetted down a duct. Locatable to a depth of 3.5M. Fitted with a M10 stud for connection to rods, though various couplings are available to fit the mouse to a range of rods and spring connector is available to ease the mouse round sharp bends.
Part No. 8212
Tester 430A / Magic Eye

Detects the presence of signals at 2 & 8 Mbit/s ports on DDF's. The presence of a signal is indicated by the illumination of an LED in the body of the tester.
Tester 132J

Used for cable pair location and identification.

Tester 132J
Seperate Units:
Receiver Headgear 17
Receiver Headgear 18A
Oscillator 87G
Amplifier 109H


Part No. 0090
Adaptor Test 3A

An aid to testing a line terminated on a Line Jack Unit. Consists of plug No 631A, a short length of line cord and a test pad block. The plastic test pad block has 6 contact relates to one wire terminated on the Line Jack Unit.
Part No. 3007
Cord Connecting 6/10E

Used with test telephones, this comprises Cordage Instrument 6/CA with a socket for inserting Plug 631A into one end and three crocodile clips on the other end (the third being for an earth if required) 200mm (Cord length)
Part No. 3012
Cord Connecting 6/10D

Used with test telephones when working on Strowger equipment. This comprises Cordage Instrument 6/CA with a socket for inserting Plug 631A into one end and a Plug 230 on the other. 200mm (Cord length)
Part No. 3010
Cord Connecting 4/4A

Used on Jacks Test 37/1A, this consists of Cordage Instrument 4/AD, one Plug 316 3 Grey. 4M (Cord length)
Part No. 3022
Cord Connecting 4/8C

Used to test line and exchange equipment from test access point on Jack Test 44-49. Has Plug 510A at one end and two Plug 316 at the other. Also features a crocodile clip attached to the cord which can be clipped to the framework thus relieving tension on the cord.