Part No. 7016
Spray De-Watering

For displacing water from externally mounted black terminals. Not for internal use. Contains corrosion preventative compunds. Comes in a pressuries container complete with spray extension tube.
Part No. 1110
Solution Leak Detecting 3

Used in pressure testing of cables. The solution is put on the edge of joint closures, or other potential leak areas and as any air passes through the solution it causes it to bubble, thereby identifying the leak area.
Part No. Z-5484
Citrius Based Solvent Cleaner

An ideal alternative to traditional chlorinated solvents and cleaners, Ambersolv SB1 is suitable for use throughout the industry and will quickly remove the following: Oils, greases, fats, waxes, tar, bitumen, silicones, elastomers, rubbers, rubber based adhesives, oil based paints, inks and dyes.
Part No. Z-5485
Formula Six

This is a multi-purpose, medium duty, silicone mould release agent. Provides a medium duty film for release of plastic and rubber parts in injection moulding, compressing moulding and forming processes. Will not build up in the mould and will help improve surface finish.
Part No. Z-5486
Silicone Grease

Provides a smooth, non-melting coating with a broad spectrum of applications. Operating temperature range (-50 degrees to + 200 degrees). Insulates high voltage parts against leaking and arcing. Protects switchgear against oxidation. Waterproofs components in damp or humid conditions.

Extractor 57 used the removal of Protector Module 1A and 2A from Jack Test 44-49.
Extractor 58 jumper wire extractor tool, for use on Jack Test 44-49 series.

Coaxial Extractors
Extractor 65A used for the removal of Plugs Coaxial 43/...,GTI from D.D.F. Mountings D81860 or D108610. The Extractor Tool HDC is slightly smaller than the 65A and designed to remove HDC plugs.
The T-Bar Extraction Tool will either insert or extract Plugs and remove "U" links from DDF's.

Extractor 58
Extractor 57
Extractor Tool HDC
Extractor Tool T Bar
Extractor Tool Standard 65A

Part No. 0246
Inserter Wire 2A

Insertion tool for connection single wires onto Strips Connection 237A. Optional wire cut off. A wire remover is contained within the body of the tool.

180mm length
Part No. 0247
Inserter Wire 8A

Insertion tool for terminating jumper wire on Jack Test 44-49.
Part No. 0248
Inserter Wire 9A

Insertion tool for connecting single wires to MCCS BIX Connectors. Optional wire cut off facility.
Part No. 0248
Radio Pliers

Made of chrome vanadium steel, fully hardened, tempered, mirror polished with induction hardened edges for extra durability. Special nonslip cushion-grip handles.
Part No. 0248
Diagonal Side Cutters

Made of chrome vanadium steel, fully hardened, tempered, mirror polished with induction hardened edges for extra durability. Special nonslip cushion-grip handles.
Part No. 0248
Combination Pliers

Made of chrome vanadium steel, fully hardened, tempered, mirror polished with induction hardened edges for extra durability. Special nonslip cushion-grip handles.
Nipper Miniature

Side cutters with 1/2" cutting edge. Cuts wire up to 1.5mm. Mainly used on electronic equipment. 4 1/2" overall length.

Nipper Miniature 1
Nipper Miniature 2

Part No. 0141
Pliers Crimping 6A

For crimping outer conductors of miniature type coaxial cables to Plugs and Sockets Coaxial 31/ and 43/... A plier type crimping tool with 4 pairs of crimping dies. Used on 3002 cable. Also can be used for 2000 series cable with a different set of dies.
Part No. 0146
Pliers Crimping 19A

8 Ident crimp tool used to terminate the centre contact of the type 43 connector and BNC. This is a plier type tool with a single fixed indentor.
Part No. 0142
Pliers Crimping 7A

Used with Connector 224C...10...on TEP 1 (E) Equipment. This parallel action plier type tool is used to crimp the connector to the wire.
Part No. 0143
Pliers Crimping 8B

For crimping connectors Wire Insulated 8. This scissor action plier type tool includes a wire cutter and a spring assisted return.
Stripper Cable Coaxial

For the preparation of the ends of 3002, 2003 series cable for connection to Plugs and Sockets Coaxial type 43. Complete with five spare blades.

S. C. Coaxial 9A (3002)
S. C. Coaxial 8A (2000 series)
Spare Die For stripper 9A
Spare Die For stripper 8A


Part No. Z-4589
Rechargeable Head Torch

This lightweight, durable unit has a beam focus system and robust polyamide casing. It has a comfortable adjustable elasticated strap and a belt battery pouch.
Handy for situations where both hands and accurate torch light are needed.
Duration - Up to 15 hours with a standard bulb and up to 6.5 hours with a halogen bulb.
Battery comes with a free charging kit.
Part No. 2618
Tripod Flood Light

Can be folded away for easy storage. Tripod mounted for extra stability when fully erected.
Part No. Z-5490
Battery Hand Torch

Water resistant and robust polypropylene body with a microswitch operation. Fitted with a 4.8V Krpton bulb as standard and has spare bulb facilities. Operates on one PJ996 lantern battery (not included).
Part No. Z-5491
Rechargable Rubber Torch

Torch has a hard wearing adjustable angle stand so as to be floor mounted and leave your hands free. The case is weather and shock proof and incorporates a sturdy carrying handle.
Integrated rechargable lead acid battery 6V 4amh can be recharged via a plug-in charger with LED indicator or by a 12V car charger. Also has a 400% brighter Halogen Bulb.
Part No. Z-2822
Floor Floodlight 500w

Tubular steel frame carrying handle for ease of transportation. Low voltage plug with 5 metre flex.
Part No. 2618
ESP Adaptor 1

An insulated crocodile clip with an ESP male connector for bonding to electrostatic sensitive equipment without an ESP bonding point. Note: Do not use anodised aluminium metalwork as a bonding point.
Part No. 2618
ESP Matting

Suitable for cutting up to make workbench size or portable mats. ESP connectors can be fitted as required. Matting non-slip and can be cleaned with a mild detergant but should not be sprayed, polished or coated.
4ft x 24ft.
Part No. 2618
ESP Wristband Adjustable

Used by personnel working on electrostatic sensitive equipment. Adjusts to all wrist sizes. Has a conductive inner surface and a non-conductive outer protective covering. The bank should be regularly tested for continuity.
Part No. 2618
ESP Bonding Plug 3A

This is of use when mains earthed soldering equipment is being used. The ESP connector on the plug is directly connected to the earth pin and the plug is sealed to prevent access to the live and neutral pins. A series resistor is incorporated in the plug.
Part No. 2618
ESP Tester 377A

Easy to use tester for the routine checking of ESP wristbands, cords, matting and connections. The ESP cord is simply plugged onto the tester and indicates Fail (high), Fail (low) or Pass conditions. This tester complies with the Call Routing Apparatus Maintainers License and BS 5750 thus making it an invaluable tool wherever ESP equipment is being used. Comes complete with operating instructions and wall mounting bracket.
Part No. Z-4858
Bosch Jigsaw GST 2000

This modern Electric Jigsaw has the capability of a blade change without a tool and has an electric trigger speed control. The four stage orbital action and adjustable sawdust blower allows for ease of use and minimal mess.

It also has a low guide roller for accurate cuts and parallel guide / circular guided straight cuts and circular banks.
580 Watt power rating.
Part No. Z-5494
Bosch Rotary Hammer Drill

Intended for impact drilling and normal drilling in brick, concrete and natural stone. Also suitable for drilling wood, plastic and metal. 110 volts. The overload clutch reduces motor wear and the automatic chuck aloows for easier removal of bits.
Part No. Z-1465
Bosch Cordless Rotary Hammer Drill

24V with a 340W input and a 270W output. Battery has a condition indicator and a 22 minutes super fast charger.
SDS Plus Tool Holder.
Drilling output - Concrete up to 20mm, steel up to 10mm, wood up to 20mm.
Overall weight 3.5Kg
Part No. Z-5498
Bosch Cordless 12V Screwdriver/ Drill

12V NiCd battery with one hour fast charger for 120 minutes of charge. 5 external torque setting and a 10mm professional quick release keyless chuck with spindal lock.
Automatic spindal lock and brake.
Part No. 0197
Hammer Joiner

Used for general purpose nailing work including masonry nails. Has a cross pein head attached to a hickory handle.
Part No. 0191
Hammer Claw 1 1/4 lb

Integrated into a plastic handle, used for general purpose nailing. Has a claw for the removal of headed nails.
10" overall length.
Part No. 0205
Knife Pocket 2

Folding pocket knife with a pruning type blade, for general purpose use.

2 1/2" Blade length.
Part No. 0206
Knife Chipping

For stripping lead sheaths from cables and removing putty from windows. Designed to be used by striking the back of the fixed blade with a hammer.

4" Blade length.
Stripper Cable Sheath

Can be used on cable and blown fibre tubing for making longitudinal and circumferential cuts. The tool has a spring loaded "V" anvil which holds the cutting head against the cable. The rotating cutting head allows for a change of cut direction without removing the tool from the cable, the cut depth is also adjustable.

Stripper Cable Sheath 7
4mm - 16mm diameter
Stripper Cable Sheath 8
8mm - 28mm diameter


Part No. 0551
Saw Tubular Frame 24

Bushman type log saw with an adjustable tubular frame taking a 24" blade.
Hacksaw Adjustable

A "pistol grip" style hacksaw which is adjustable.

Accept 10" or 12" blades
Accept 9" or 12" blades
Adjustable Blades

Hacksaw Junior

A small hacksaw idea for use where access is restricted.

Hacksaw Junior
Hacksaw Junior Blades

Part No. 0420
Shears Hand

Tinsnips for sheet metal work.

10" Overall length.
Part No. 0428
Cutter Cable Hand 2

For cutting non-armoured cable up to 25mm diameter, internal and external.
Part No. 0073
Tape Measure 3M

A steel pocket rule with spring-assisted return and a blade graduated in mm, cam and m to BS 4484.
3m x 12mm blade, case size 50mm sq.
Part No. Z-0643
Tape Measuring 30m

A fibron 30 metre tape graduated in 5mm steps to BS 4484 with the first and last metres graduated in mm. Contained in a plastic open faced case with a handle for re-winding the tape.

5 1/2" Diameter
Wheel Measuring

Used by a pedestrian for measuring cable and duct routes or general survey work on firm ground. Comprises a rubber tyred wheel, ok known circumference, fitted to a handle with a stand and brake. The stand allows for stopping to make notes in the middle of measuring a length and the brake allows the wheel to be moved from one point to another without losing the distance already on the counter. The counter gives readings up to 10,000m and is scaled in metres and decimetres and is resettable. Comes in a zip up carrying bag.

7" Diameter approximately.

Wheel Measuring + Stand
Wheel Measuring

Part No. 0521
Screwdriver Combination 2

Hollow bodied watchmaker's screwdriver containing four blades. Blades are held in by chuck grip. The blades project from the body by approximately 3/4.
3" long body x 1/4" diameter
The blade sizes are:
(T.W - Tip Width T.T - Tip thickness)

Blade No.





Part No. Z-5499
Zip Wallet Screwdriver Set

A ten piece screwdriver set in a zip up wallet whjich includes: 3 flat tip (40, 75, 150mm tips) 3 Parallel tips (100x (3.0) 100x (4.0) and 150mm) and 4 PZD/SPD: tips with 1pt Stuppy, Opt, 1pt, 2pt. (PZD/SPD is an improvement of the parallel tipped)
Part No. Z-5500
Spanner Set

A set of precision made metric spanners in their own plastic wallet with two eyelets for hanging or tying.
Sizes in set 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm, 13mm, 14mm, 15mm, 16mm, 17mm, 18mm and 19mm.
Part No. 0455
Soldering Iron 50-50

Ideal for exchange work this 50v iron comes complete with one bit and a plug 235A. The handle is heatproof plastic. 275mm Overall length.
Part No. 0456
Soldering Iron Rest 1 with Clamp

Cylindrical holder lined with heatproof material and fitted with a ball joint and a spring loaded scissor action clamp. Attaches to the equipment being worked on. Can also be used to hold Wire Terminating 5 when used in conjunction with Holster.
Part No. 0457
Soldering Iron, Non-Electric

Used for small instrument work. Mostly used externally where no power is available for electric soldering irons or where gas powered soldering irons are unsuitable. Requires heat sources such as Stove Propane. Has a wooden handle from which extends a metal rod on the end of which is a chisel shaped copper bit.
Bit 1 oz. Bit 3/8" sq x 2" long.
8" overall length.
Part No. 1133
Solder 7

General purpose solder with a resin core.

1 Reel 500 gm. 1.25mm dia. (18 SWG)
Spanner Adjustable

General purpose adjustable spanner with a "C" head and chrome plated, polished jaws.

Spanner Adjustable 250mm
Spanner Adjustable 200mm

Part No. 0359

For tensioning and cropping Strap Cable. This is a light duty plastic tie gun which crops the straps by twisting the tool through 180 degrees.

Straps up to 4.6mm wide
Part No. 0360
Tensioner Adjustable

For tensioning and cropping Strap Cable. This is a heavy duty metal bodied tie gun which crops the straps automatically and has an adjustable pre-set tension control. Ideal for use where a consistent standard of ties is needed.
Part No. Z-5279
Torch Kit and Box

This kit comes in a steel box with an adjustable strap handle. The box contains a torch handle, three burners, a 2m hose, regulator, hanging hook and two primus 2000 propane cylinders. Easy to assemble.
Nozzle Torch Propane

Intended for soldering small items.
Type A - Provides a fine pencil flame approximately 5" long x 3/8" diameter.
Type B - Provides a large intense flame approximately 6" long x 1" diameter.
Type C - Provides a very large and soft flame, approximately 8" long x 2" diameter. Intended for use on the larger shrink-down closures.
Type D - Provides a fine and soft flame, approximately 8" long x 2" diameter. Intended for use on the individual shrink-down ports of multi-entry collars.

Nozzle Torch Type A
Nozzle Torch Type B
Nozzle Torch Type C
Nozzle Torch Type D

Part No. 0621
Spanner Propane Set

Used for assembling various items of propane equipment, the set comprises four single ended spanners with the plastic coated shanks supplied together on a key ring. In the set are one each of the following: 17mm, 5/8 BS, 7/16 BS, 3/8 BS.

The spanners should be used on propane equipment and a plastic disc is included on the key ring stating this.

Classic tone and probe kit - 701 kit

The 701 kit is recognised by technicians around the world as the industry standard for cable and wire identification. The kit can be used to identify single conductors or cables within a bundle, at a cross connect point or on any conductive material.

·    Polarity testing
·    1 year warranty
·    continuity testing
·    talk battery supply
·    selectable warble tone
·    3-colour LED (identifies AV ring voltage)
·    Weather resistant design
·    RJ11 test lead.


Security and alarm kit

Model 620k

The 620k is recognised by security and alarm professionals as the industry standard in dependable, affordable test equipment. Designed specifically for the security and alarm industry, the 620k has a latching feature to identify intermittent failures and confirming operation of switches at remote locations.

The kit includes 620 loop verifier, 200EP inductive amplifier and a carry case.

·    Connection to either normally open or normally closed loop pair
·    Distinct audible tone when alarm condition occurs.
·    Quickly confirms switch function
·    Locate intermittent faults
·    Continuity test

Low cost pair tracer

PTS 100/200

This tone and probe kit is designed to make cable identification and connector tracing
effective and efficient. The PTS 100/200 is a low cost, high performance product.

Applications include:

·    Telecommunications cable pairs. Voice and data wiring.
·    Security wiring, Cat-5 cables
·    Co-Axial Cable
·    Any conductive wiring.


High performance nautilus
tone tracer set.

TP 500J & TG 600J

The design incorporates strengthening ribs to protect the units from being crushed.
The Nautilus casing is sealed to IP67 and is designed to reduce Whole Life Costs.

·    Finely tuned to 1kHz  sinewave
·    Fully water/crush proof
·    Large high output speaker, tested to IP67
·    Balanced sinewave prevents disruption of digital traffic 


Low cost test set – Compact DSP

The lowest cost test set on the market

The low cost test set features unique Digital Services Protection design which allows the tester to be used safely in a mixed analogue and digital services network.

·    Low cost, fully featured test set
·    DSP protection against dropping a digital line
·    Mains cross protection
·    Rugged design
·    Over current protection
·    32 digit last number redial
·    Auto power-off
·    Rugged belt clip
·    Hands free via headset
·    Drop test compliant to 3m


Low cost butt phone DSTS 2

BT specified Tele 284

Performs all the tests an installation engineer requires. The DSTS range offers low cost,
user friendly testing equipment with durable, high impact casing.
Now with DSP (Digital Services Protection) which informs the operator when
high voltage is present, with an audible tone which is an indication that digital traffic is present.

·    Robust, easy to operate unit
·    Tone/pulse operation
·    Time break recall (hold function test PBX)
·    Polarity Check
·    Sounder/ringer
·    Unlimited line voltage protection
·    Belt clip/hanging loop
·    High impedence monitor
·    1 year warranty


Fully waterproof butt phone

Alert 330 test telephone

Protected against water, temperature change, dust and impact through revolutionary design.
Professional test telephones – case sealed to IP67 standards.

·    Fully waterproof unit
·    3 year warranty
·    Line polarity indication
·    Large belt clip and durable nylon braided line cord
·    Low battery indication
·    Digital circuit safety
·    Excessive voltage alarm
·    Automatic lock out
·    High impact resistance


Data circuit protection - DigAlert™

BT specified Tele 300A

Designed to protect lines carrying digital transmission by alarming and locking the
engineer out if digital traffic is present, preventing the possibility of dropping a digital line or circuit.

·    Revolutionary DigAlert™ protection technology
·    All the features of the Alert 330 above
·    Loudspeaker function


Harrier ISDN tester & POTS

One tester for all applications

One tester for all applications and skill levels. It is widely used by installers and network operators around the world.

·    Auto setup, auto testing
·    BERT test, speech testing
·    Teleservices and supplementary services testing
·    Voltage reading
·    Rugged and waterproof
·    Simple 3 key operation
·    S, U & Z (2B1Q) interface testing
·    NT1 Emulation
·    Field upgradeable


Talk 2

Intercom power and ringing system

The TALK 2 battery generates a 50 Volt talk battery for communications over dead lines.
This allows the engineer to alert the end user of power failures and repair times when a line is down.
The TALK 2 works on any telephone and operates over 3000 Ohms loop resistance.


DigAlert™ probe

Digital traffic detection

The DigAlert probe detects and alarms in the presence of digital traffic – detection without connection. Features the Nautilus environmentally hardened casing to protect it against water, dust, impact and temperature changes.

·    DigAlert™ technology
·    3 year warranty
·    Low cost
·    Microprocessor controlled
·    Low battery warning
·    Auto shut-off
·    Exceptionally loud loudspeaker that precludes the need for a headset
·    Floats
·    Wrist strap included
·    Sealed electronics and battery


SWAN sbus wire analyser

Diagnose wiring problems the easy way!

The SWAN diagnoses wiring problems such as crossed wires, open circuits
and short circuits in cables consisting of up to eight wires.

·    Diagnose ISDN wiring problems
·    Detects 8-wire cable faults
·    Battery powered two piece kit


Anti-static wristbands and cords

Exceptionally comfortable wrist bands prevent static build up on personnel.
Adjustable size fits all wrist sizes. Complete with a 10mm snap stud connection.
Picture not to scale.

Also available:

·          Crocodile clip cord
·          Plug cord
·          Dissipative matting
·          Heel straps
·          UK style plug


Multimeter SA9083

This tester is primarily intended for use by telephone engineers in maintenance testing. Requires 1 x AA battery.

·    DC Volts – 0-250V, 3 ranges

·    AC Volts – 0-250V

·    DC Count 0-50mA, 2 ranges

·    Resistance 0-5mOhms, 3 ranges

·    Dims: 146x95x60mm



Static safe kit

Comprises a 600x600mm mat with two pockets, 10mm earth stud
and curly cord (1 meg), 10mm earth lead and socket plug. Carrying pouch.


Cord set 6/10E

·    For use with the range of test telephones
·    ‘A’ end has jack plug for 431A or 631A
·    ‘B’ end has 3 crocodile clips
·    Cord length 200mm
·    Other types available on request


Cord set 6/10D

·    For use with the range of test telephones
·    For use with Krone 237A modules
·    ‘A’ end has jack plug for 431A or 631A
·    ‘B’ end has plug 440A (4 pole) and 1 crocodile clip for earth
·    Cord length 200mm


CableCaster™ for faster installations

CableCaster™ significantly speeds up the installation of lightweight communications
cables through hard to reach spaces such as suspended ceilings, rafters and sub-floors.

·    Operation couldn’t be easier. CableCaster™ launches a dart up to 15 metres to the cable supply access point, pulling a durable monofilament line. The cable is attached to the dart and pulled back with the CableCaster™ take-up reel

·    CableCaster™ darts are aerodynamically designed for true and accurate flight. The plastic darts glow in the dark to help locate them in dimly lit areas

·    CableCaster™ includes an integral flashlight holder that will accept an optional torch.



CableCaster™ replacement darts.

For use with the above.


Self-adjusting cutter stripper

Professional grade combined cutter and stripper for single or multiple cable sections for 0.5 to 6.0mm. Strip length can be adjusted from 6.0 to 25.0mm.


BT modular plug crimper

For crimping of BT modular plugs and RJ22 plugs.


Twisted pair cable stripper

Data cable stripper for twisted pair (UTP & STP) and multicore voice, data, audio,
security and fibre optic cables up to 11mm OD.


Box jointed side cutters semi-flush

Available in either 110mm or 130mm length. Now with energy grip handles. Box joint construction.


Cable cutter

High Quality cable cutter/stripper for use specifically on copper and aluminium cables.
The pre-formed rounded jaws ensure that the cable does not flatten out
during cutting which is important when terminating the cable.


Heavy duty cable cutter

Cable cutter suitable for cutting cable diameters up to 10mm.
Spring operation with closed lock handles. Overall length 165mm.


100 pair group cutter

For thick Ethernet, 100 pair telephone cable and up to RG174, RG9 coax cables.


Cutting, crimping & stripping tool.

Stripping capacity 26-10AWG. Crimps red, blue, yellow and most insulated terminals.


Scotchlok™ (jelly crimp) crimp tool

145mm long, with cutter.


Ratchet action BNC crimp tool

For termination of RG58, 59 &62 Ethernet cable. High quality crimper with ‘Energy Grip’ handles for better control and comfort. Full cycle ratchet action ensures continuity of crimp.


RJ45 ratchet crimp tool

With ‘Energy Crimp’ handles for AMP™ type plugs for better control and comfort. Full cycle ratchet action ensures continuity of crimp.


Multi-functional crimp tool

RJ11 and RJ45 crimper, now with ratchet action for a more secure crimp.


Box jointed snipe nose plier

Available with smooth or serrated jaws. Box joint construction.
Now with ‘Energy Grip’ handles. Lifetime guarantee.


Box jointed precision telecom pliers

185mm and 140mm snipe nose pliers both with smooth jaws. Box joint construction.
Now with ‘Energy Grip’ handles. Lifetime guarantee.


3 piece pliers set

Comprising a 6” combination plier, 6” side cutters and 6” long nose pliers.


Telecommunication screwdrivers

Available in a 10 piece set comprising of No1 21/2”x1/8” electricians, No2 21/2”x3/16” electricians, No3 21/2”x1/4” electricians, No4 6”x5/32” electricians, No5A 7”x7/32” electricians, No6 8”x9/32” electricians, No9 3”xNo1 Philips, No10 4”xNo2 Philips, No11 3”xNo1 PZ type, No12 4”xNo2 PZ type.


Precision 7 piece screwdriver set

With swivel heads for fingertip control. This set is supplied in a carry case. All screwdrivers are 50mm long. Kit comprises: 1.5mm slotted, 2.0mm slotted, 2.5mm slotted, 3.0mm slotted, 000 Philips, 00 Philips, 0 Philips.


Priorspec II

A portable inspection tool for field and remote locations.

·    Compact and ergonomic design
·    Exceptionally lightweight
·    Wide range barrier laser filter for extra protection
·    Illumination management systems ensuring optimum image quality
·    LED giving improved lighting quality, low heat output and long battery life
·    Available in x200 and x400 magnification.


3mm nylon draw tape

Self-lubricating draw tape available in two popular lengths. Both ends are terminated with brass eyes.

Cable mate - Portable cable guide.

Essential product for any installer. Designed utilising 4 x 25mm rollers giving a capacity of 75mm. The guide can be clamped onto most support bars, joists and corners to allow multiple cable pulls without snagging. The guide is supplied with a 95mm capacity multi-positional G clamp

Pocket knife and sharpener

2 ½“ (63mm) telecom pruning type folding knife, with steel blade.
Also available is the sharpener, which is supplied with a screw-on cover.


Extra heavy duty toolbox

As used and approved by public utilities. An injection moulded robust cantilever toolbox specifically designed for the public utilities and incorporating the following: 2 cantilever tool trays, Heavy duty toggle latch, Steel pinned rear hinges, Steel carrying handle. Dims 492x260x250mm. Carries up to 16kg.

Leather wallet and bag

·  No3 leather wallet complete with zip closure and flat carrying handle.
Provision for 12 tools and pouch accessories. 317x178x45mm.

·  Above also available in black.

·  No5 leather bag complete with zip closure and two heavy duty flat carrying handles. Generous provision for up to 30 tools. 330x225x95mm.


Super-wide opening tool bag

High quality multi pocketed bags complete with shoulder straps and soft sides
to not only protect expensive tools and testers but also to prevent damage
to customer’s walls and floors. These bags are available in two sizes.

·          Standard bag 430x245x280mm

·          Junior bag 280x180x235mm


Extra heavy duty twin tool pouch

Manufactured from leather bound reinforced nylon and supplied with adjustable belt.
This pouch has 10 pouches, 2 hammer holders and 1 tape measure clip.

Telecom inspection toolkit

Includes a No3 BT tool wallet, pocket rim tool, 110mm side cutters, 195mm telephone pliers, inspection mirror/retrieval tool, snap off knife, 6”/150mm steel rule, No1 18” screwdriver, No2 3/16” screwdriver, No3 ¼” screwdriver, No9 Philips screwdriver.

Structured cabling installers kit

Supplied with tool wallet, ratchet crimper, Cyclops strippers, cable cutter, side cutter 110mm, No1 crosspoint screwdriver, 4.0x100mm slotted screwdriver, a packet of 25 RJ45 plugs with boots, and a choice of Krone tool or 110 IDC tool. Optional cable sniffer available for both options.



Masterclass comprehensive structured cabling kit

Largest and most comprehensive dedicated installers kit featuring all the major tools and cabling testers required by the professional installation engineer. Presented in a heavy duty blow moulded case. Dimensions are 510x380x140mm.

Kit includes: RJ45 crimper. Cyclops stripper. Cable cutter. Side cutter.
No1 screwdriver. 10 x RJ45 plugs. 10 x RJ45 boots. Krone tool. IDC tool.
Cable tester. Tone tracer.


Structured cable tester

For UTP and STP

Continually sequencing bi-colour LED displays on both master and remote provides identification of open pairs, shorted pairs, crossed pairs and reversed pairs. The unit also displays a low battery warning light.


Masterclass UTP/STP termination kit

Low cost termination kit supplied in blow moulded case.

Comprises:  UTP/STP stripper, RJ11/RJ45 crimper,

10 x RJ45 plugs, 10 x RJ45 boots.

Dims: 295x200x70mm